How about Highways for Cyclists?


Denmark is one of the countries in Europe which is promoting green living and its capital, Copenhagen, is known as ‘bicycle capital’ along with Amsterdam. There are more bicycles then people in Copenhagen and people experience more bicycle traffic jams than of cars’. Noerrebrogade in the capital accommodates around 36,000 cyclists a day and now government is planning to build highways for cyclists.

By doing this, government wants more people to use bicycles and leave their cars parked in their garage’s. The Noerrebrogade is already the busiest cycling boulevard in Europe and if it gets official status then a lot more people will start cycling without fears of jams and accidents.

People in Copenhagen use bicycles in every climate as these are the cheapest mode of transportation and are environment friendly as well. Cycling is that common that politicians, instead of using big luxury cars, ride bicycles to get to their offices. A Danish Cycling federation spokesman said that the biggest advantage of such highways will be to the people who are suburban and have to come on cars due to shortage of time and traffic jams.

Government plans to provide facilities to the cyclists on these highways. The cyclists will be able to check the tire pressure of their bicycles and will be able to fix chains and other faults that may trouble them during their journey. The Danish government plans to invest more than 10 million Euros in the bicycle infrastructure to facilitate its citizens and to protect the environment.

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