Growing Organs and Cells from Scratch

If organs and cells, necessary for the body, could be grown in the laboratory then you can think of the positive effects they could have had on human life. The research has been going on for years to create organs and living cells just like the natural ones but the success has been limited. It might be possible to grow the cells but to do it in right proportion and arrangement is still a challenge. The latest research carried at MIT has shown some positive signs and researchers have come up with an idea of ‘building blocks’ that will contain various tissues together.

It is long known that embryonic stem cells can transform into any cell but it is difficult to control their transformation. They can disrupt the proportion of different cells in the body and can cause complexities.

The embryonic stem cells were used by researchers of MIT in the building blocks under certain conditions to obtain certain cells. They used gel in the blocks that encouraged growth of required cells and then some complex structures were made with the help of these blocks.

The cluster of cells is exposed to natural environment which is helpful in giving the feel to cells that they experience in natural development in embryoid bodies. These clusters are then placed in small well like places where they take the form of spheres by clumping together. These spheres are then exposed to light after applying hydrogel solution to them. Light hardens the material and the end result is half polyethylene glycol and half gelatin with cells inside the sphere. This research, if successful, can be helpful in various treatments and transplants.

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