Heal Battlefield Wounds through a Skin Printer


Technology plays an important role in our lives and it can help in improving our lives too. Medical science is improving everyday but have you ever imagined of printing your skin to cover your wound? This might sound crazy but it might soon be a reality because a recent research shows that it is possible.

Doctors and scientists are of a view that a 4cm deep wound, where skin is missing, cannot heal naturally. The soldiers fighting in the battlefields always face this issue and have to live with these wounds or surgery marks. But now a printer is invented that uses living cells to print out the skin that can be directly applied on the body to cover the wounds.

The experiment was carried out on mice and positive results were achieved within two weeks. The wounds and scars were completely covered with skin in the third week from the application.

The printer works the same as an inkjet printer does as it has two heads. Skin cells are ejected from one head and thrombin from the other head. The large swathe of skin is produced due to a chemical reaction between these two components and the blood. The skin cells are at the top when the final print comes out which can be applied directly to the wounds.

The researchers plan to carry further experiments on pigs because their skin structure is quite similar to humans. If this experiment yields positive results then it is very likely that such printers will be made for humans and will be shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan to aid wounded soldiers.

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