How About a 3D Movie Without 3D Glasses?

The first decade of the 21st century is about to come to an end and we have seen some ground breaking technologies so far. 3D technology is one of them and experts have already said that the next decade will belong to the 3D televisions. But there are some problems with this technology that need to be sorted out.

3D televisions require the viewers to wear special glasses to be able to see the picture which has always caused problems. 3D movies have been a big hit in recent times in the cinemas and major television manufacturers like SONY, LG and Toshiba are already trying to get rid of these glasses.

Apple though, which seems to have solution to all the technology needs, have won the patent in the U.S. to develop glasses free 3D display system. People will no longer have to wear glasses to watch the movie or their favorite sports on the television. Apple is of the view that it is impractical to wear glasses while watching TV and people usually do not have more than one pair of glasses at home to enjoy TV together.

Apple’s new technology will use a specially made reflective screen that will not need any glasses. The screen will have a rippled texture and will form stereoscopic projection automatically for all the people viewing the TV regardless of the angle they are sitting at. The screen will track the eye and its position and will form image on the screen at the precise spot and many people will be able to watch the movie or a television channel together.

Toshiba came out with similar sort of idea in Japan earlier this year and now Apple has won the patent. We can hope that we can get rid of the 3D viewing glasses in the near future but when Apple will actually come out with a product like this remains to be seen.

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