How Secure is Facebook?

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Privacy has been a concern since the launch of “facebook” and people have been confused on whether they should share their personal information or not. Facebook apps are very appealing to the users and people want to use as many of them as they can and do not hesitate to click the “allow” button when it pops up on their screens whenever they are signing up for a new app. Most of the users do not even read what are they allowing and simply click the “allow” option as there is no other way out. You either click it or do not use the application.

Now the situation is different as it was mentioned on facebook blog that all the new apps, that users sign up for, will have access to the their phone numbers and e-mail addresses. This may not be acceptable to many but as the information can be used by spammers and it can be misused in a number of ways. Computer and marketing experts are of the view that some people may set-up fake apps on facebook to collect the phone numbers and email addresses and use them later on for SMS marketing or sell the data to call-enters or cold-calling companies.

Facebook on the other hand is encouraging the users to share more of their information as it is the future of the Internet marketing and websites like are already selling their products right from the facebook apps and shoppers do not even have to leave the website. Moreover, facebook is becoming a sort of driving license on the web and employers check for the identity of the person and social network through facebook on the priority basis.

Users on the other hand have tightened their privacy control and 80% of the people are not willing to share their personal information with anyone. Considering this, facebook has not implemented this procedure and is collecting the feedback and will decide at the end of this week whether the new system for the collection of information will be implemented or not.

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