iCloud is Out, and it is Free

In 2009 Apple purchased Lala, a cloud based music service. After that everybody has been waiting for the day when Apple does something with it. Today is the day. They have announced the iCloud. Hold on to your paints, it is music in the clouds, and best of all it is FREE (yes they announced all of mobile me features to be free). Wondering what it means?

Well, it makes your music accessible from anywhere in the world. That’s right you can stream music using just a browser.  You wouldn’t have to login to your PC or Mac to get access to it anymore.

Amazon and Google have been trying to release similar service, but they have been stuck with their licensing and terms and conditions with music industry.

This cloud system will be priced $25 per year, pretty good price. The only thing still needs to be seen is whether you can upload your music purchased from other sources.  Apple has been notorious about handling other music sources, not bought from them.

So what does iCloud mean to future of music industry? I am betting it means more sales as it will become easier and cheaper to access all your music from internet.  This also puts more pressure or Google and Amazon to make their product stand out. I am also willing to bet that their services will make music even more cheaper.

Let’s wait and see!

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