Internet Privacy Is Now Possible With Tor


Everyone likes privacy and wants to remain anonymous at least on the Internet. Businesses and non-profit organizations have been using encrypted systems for years to hide their activities on the Internet. All this activity happens through an anonymity system called Tor which is developed by a U.S based nonprofit organization. The manufacturer is now developing a low cost home router that will enable home users to enjoy same privacy that businesses do.

Network messages are encrypted and sent through a series of relays through the Tor software. You simply have to install the Tor software on your computer and tweak its operating system. This will ensure that all the web traffic and activities are routed through its program.

The Tor Inside software is already under testing on low cost routers made by Buffalo technology. What is amazing about this software is that it passes all the traffic through it without changing your operating system. You do not need to be a computer expert or hold an IT qualification to do all this.

Jacob Appelbaum, a Tor developer, says that the finished software will be customizable and will offer a number of configurations. If you want to run your VoIP devices through Tor but not usual traffic, it will be possible and you will also be able to set up Tor-protected wireless networks. He also said that if the project turns out to be successful then the software could be installed on any router that people buy themselves.

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