Iphone 5 is ugly!

All right the title of this post is a bit tamed. It should have been Iphone 5 is the biggest disappointment of the century. Granted it is the beginning of the century, so perhaps there will be more apple products.

As you know by now this blog post will be heavily biased against iphone 5, so please stop reading if you are Apple fan boy ( I don’t want to emotionally scar you). All right, back to the iphone 5. First of all, it is really tiring that all reviewers of the product thinks that apple can never do any wrong, so all the reviews are 5 stars.

Has no one noticed that the extra 9mm have added extreme amount of “ugliness” to the phone? Apple is bragging about how they reduced the volume, and weight of the product, but still managed to make it bigger. Really bigger? More accurate description would be that they made it look narrower? After all it is all about what we perceive, not what the physical dimension of an object is.

Have they held the device and watched a video on it? Honestly, if they would have done that, then they would have known how disproportional the device is now.
I can go on and on, about this subject, but I hopefully I have made my point here. I would rather buy Motorla than Apple now. That says it all.

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