iPhone Broadcasts Your Locations Unintentionally

Apple iPhone

It came as a shock to a lot of people when they got to know about the privacy implications of news which was gathered by the iPhone. Most people who own an iPhone are not aware that the information regarding their locations gets stored in a file on their computers. They unknowingly are getting involved in a great risk of leaking out their private information about where they have been going all day long.

During a conference regarding computer security, Ben Jackson and Larry Pesce discussed in detail about the way people tend to give away a lot more information than they actually intended to in the first place. The photos that are taken by a number of phones basically are encoded with latitude and longitude tags. When the mobile phone user posts their pictures online, by using services such as that of TwitPic, they end up exposing a large amount of personal data than they would be aware of.

As an example, researches have discussed about how they were able to figure a man’s likely home address by simply looking at the location metadata that gets stored with the pictures being posted on websites such as Twitter. After that, they also found out the man’s name, who had initially posted the pictures as anonymous, by cross referencing the location they had found out with the city records. Not only this, but using all the information that they had already obtained, they were able to find out his wife’s name, along with some information about his children.

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