iPhone Stop and Shop App: Use your iPhone to Buy Groceries


The latest iPhone application provides us all with the opportunity to get a glimpse of what shopping would be like in the future. The new application by Modiv Media allows customers to scan grocery items, have personalized offers, along with speedy checkouts. Stop & Shop, a company that operates in around 375 supermarkets is one of the very few ones who have designed this application.

The version created by Stop & Shop is known as “Scan it!” and it is heavily dependent on loyalty card numbers. People who use this application begin by installing it, loading their loyalty card by taking a picture of it from their mobile phone’s camera and then take it to the store with them. The camera plays the role of capturing the bar codes which is present on the items that the person has put in the shopping cart, and then the prices are added together in total.

This way, the user does not have to go through the hassle of loading and unloading the trolley with items while shopping. Usually, every store would have some specific employees with the duty to keep a check on whether the customer has actually paid for the items put in the trolley. Other than that, this system is a lot more convenient.

The application is able to put forward such offers which would be of the user’s interest, as it presents those offers which are relevant to the users’ past purchases. Also, the current location as to where the user would be present in the store is also recorded by the app.

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