Is it Possible to Improve Your Brain?


We all like to have good memory and want to remember things for a long time and want to outwit others. We adopt various methods to improve our memory and increase the capacity of our brain. As weight lifting increases the muscles and give us strong abs, we also believe doing difficult exercises and solving some puzzles, eating blueberries and almonds can sharpen our brain, but is it even possible to do it? You must have heard your teachers say in the classroom that all the students have similar brains but seldom do well in studies. Have you ever thought of building a better brain?

Well there is a mechanism of cognition that can sharpen a dumb brain and can make it smart. If you go Google then you will find different tips and exercises to test how sharp your brain is. There are many sites too on the Internet that take your test and tell you the score of your brain. But it is not the real test as answering some questions does not tell you how good or bad the brain is. There is no shortage of advice and you may wonder why some methods have been adopted for centuries when they are of no use? Well don’t worry, science usually negates the traditions.

There is a need to learn the method of cognitive enhancement and without knowing it, one can only make the claims that seldom make sense. There are a lot of studies carried out in the recent years that made the news but their credibility is dubious. An evaluation studies was carried out in 2010 to find out the affectivity of the various methods and it revealed that vitamins B6, beta carotene and all other trendy antioxidants do not do any good for the brain. Even the fatty acids in fish and large social circles in life are nothing but a waste of time.

You may know the Mediterranean diet but it is associated with the lower risk of cognitive decline. It depends on the composition of the diet and the benefits achieved also depend on its composition. You may have heard that additional flow of the blood to the brain improves your memory. This may be true for an individual and it may be accidental too so it cannot be said that hype-heavy interventions are good for the brain. The study that worked for an individual has more tendency to be wrong than right. Scientists keep on finding new facts and keep on experimenting so you should keep yourself updated and drop the old methods as soon as the new study is carried out. Scientists tend to focus on the positive findings and bury the researches that failed. Try to study and memorize the things that you need to learn as chewing gums, having large social circles, eating almonds and vitamin tablets will do not good to your brain.

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