Is it Possible to Reset Your Biological Clock?

Are you a victim of short term insomnia or you travel a lot and cannot get over your jet lag quickly? No I am not selling you another drug here ( you need to stop watching late night shows). I want to tell you about a new discovery that we all have been waiting for for a while: scientists have found a new molecule called ‘longdaysin’ that can reset your biological clock and  in process  get rid of  your sleep problems.

The research was carried out by attaching luciferase genes to human bone cancer cells. The circadian rhythm was disturbed and they glowed in response to that disturbance. Researchers took help of a genetic robot who analyzed almost 120,000 molecular compounds to find out the ones that caused disturbance. The robot singled out only ‘longdaysin’ for the researchers to study further.

The research is carried out at University of California-San Diego (UCSD) where this molecule was tested on mouse tissues and zebra fish larvae and luciferase genes were attached to their biological clocks.

The dean of UCSD’s Division of Biological Sciences, Steve Kay, says that it will be possible to reset the biological clocks of night shift workers and travelers. The clock could be slowed down or speed up at will and it will be like turning the hands of the clock. The compound will extend the day by 10 hours and it will be possible for the people to catch up with their sleep hours and get over the jet lag quickly. Steve Kay also mentioned that further tests will be carried out on mammals to see the effects of the compound. Until then sleep tight, sure that works!

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