Judgement Day: Wolfram Alpha Launching at 7pm CDT

It is time. The new search engine we all talked about, extensively, will be launched today at 7pm CDT. We will be able to test it ourselves and pass the judgment.

I am still off the opinion that it will not be a threat to Google. Here is a snippet of what I said before:

Recently Stephen Wolfram gave a presentation about his new WolframAlpha which he calls the “computation knowledge engine”. While we wait for the launch, we can get an idea about its role in future. One thing’s for sure, it’s not going to be a threat to services like Google or Wikipedia.
After his speech, it has become abundantly clear that it will not rival Google or Wikipedia, but it will compliment them, and other services like them.

You can read the full article :
Lets get it Straight, it is not a Google Killer

I still think it will not pose any threat to Google, but it will indeed provide us with a new tool that can help us solve our problems and find information more easily.

Watch the live webcast at :
Wolfram Alpha Live Webcast


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