Letting Your Thoughts Do the Dialing


You can now use your thoughts to dial numbers on your cell phone; thanks to the recent researches being carried out in California. All you need is a brief training period, after which you will be able to let your brain dial calls, which is also done hundred percent accurately for most of the people who give it a try.

Initially, this system was developed by Tzyy-Ping Jung who is a researcher at the University of California, along with his colleagues. According to him, this system is not only of great use for people who are physically disabled, but it will be of worthier in future. For instance, cell phone users may use it as a hands-free device, while they are driving or busy with another task. Moreover, another use of it could be for detecting the concentration spans of air traffic controllers, to keep a check on all those times when they tend to get drowsy.

Basically this device works the same way a lot others do in the same domain i.e. with the help of electroencephalogram (EEG) electrodes that are attached to one’s scalp in order to analyze the electrical activity which is taking place in one’s brain. This works by pairing an EEG headband with a Bluetooth module, which will allow wireless signals to travel to your Nokia N73, which would in turn use algorithms for processing these signals.

Jung is reported to have said that just about anyone can do this, while some people just have a higher frequency than the rest. Jung himself was able to reach only around 85 percent of it accurately.

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