Life With New Colors to The Cells


Science is a word with a study that relates things with us i.e., life. More specifically, biology leads to exact meanings as study of life. Further biology branches up into different routes of exploration reaching the cell level and it does not stop there but penetrates inside it as well. Point of consideration here is that when studying a cell, some techniques are obviously required to visualize and then enhance the vision to satisfactory level. It makes discovering new things and then working on the innovations easy.

Harshly speaking, when a cell is observed, it is no longer a living cell. Because of the techniques and chemicals we apply for visualizing it, we extract every drop of life from it by then. To rectify this situation, people are working with considerations of clearly visualizing the cell and its organelles. In Virginia’s Howard Medical Institute, a new microscope has been made which has the ability to take photos of the living cells with such efficiency that it looks like a movie. The photos are quite intricate with no harmful effect on the living cells.

One image looked just like a rose with curved membranes imitating the petals. In another image, two nuclei present between the glass slide and the cover slip appeared red with green tubules wound around them. Scientists also checked the mitochondria for the toxic effects of the microscope which turned out to be nil. The mitochondrial images from the microscope showed that they were healthy which actually fragment down even in excessive light. The cell and its parts with this new microscope add color to not only the cell itself but also to the study of life.

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