Lokast App: Media Sharing Made Easy


Technology is improving quite rapidly and we have seen significant improvement in media sharing technologies in the recent years. There is a probability that in the next 2 or 3 years, device-to-device media sharing will be possible. Apps like Bump and Mover enable the users to share media like songs and videos between phones.

Boris Bogatin, the CEO of NearVerse, has created an app called LoKast which has the capability to collect data from GPS and wireless data to know about the phones nearby. There are other apps too but they do not perform accurately. Boris tested this app on Evo 4G Smartphone in the crowded places and the results were satisfactory.

The app will allow users to stream the songs and videos they like from their phones to anyone in the 1,000 feet radius. iPhone users may not enjoy this luxury due to the copyright issues as they will be redirected to the iTunes store whenever they will try to play music like this. Users will be able to share web links with their contacts and will also be able to update their status on twitter and facebook.

There are flaws though in this app and it lacks privacy too as it does not require any registration. But it is meant to share disposable media and privacy does not matter a lot. Get it today and have fun.

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