Mac Funamizu’s New Universal Remote Controller


There are tons of electronic devices and all of them have their own functionalities but their remote controllers are what cause all the trouble. There are so many of them and you do not want to leave your comfort chair to pick the remote up and tune your gadgets. But now there is a universal remote controller made by Mac Funamizu, a freelance designer, which is sleek and stylish and possesses amazing capabilities.

You can now control various functions of your television set like the volume, brightness and contrast through this universal remote controller and can also control the volume of your high end sound system. The use is not limited to only these devices as you can control almost anything you can think of like lamps, stereos, air conditioners and other gadgets that are commonly used in homes.

This universal remote controller has a transparent screen and you need to choose the menu item to make the change you want.  A magnetic charging stand is also provided with this product which adds to its value and you can use this universal remote controller as an Internet TV device. These amazing features make this invention stand apart from the universal remote controllers that we have seen in the past.

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