Make Edible Objects With 3D Printer


3D technology is nothing new as a lot of movies and computer games are coming in 3D but 3D printing is a bit new concept. But it gets rather interesting when this sort of technology is mixed with some rocket science. Think of space shuttles made of scallop-and-cheese and what would it be like.

The trio of Dave Arnold, Cornell University and New York’s Culinary Institute created the miniature space shuttles made of scallop-and-cheese with the help of a 3D printer and brought the two entirely different worlds on the same table.

The computational synthesis lab of Cornell enabled the engineers to create edible objects by utilizing the software tools and by using complex geometries that the experienced chefs would find difficult to create by hand.

Creative culinary types are allowed by the 3D souped printer that create pastes of various ingredients and these can then be layered over one another by using special extruding heads.

The team has been successful in printing with chocolate, cheese, hummus, celery, turkey and various other things. Now there is a possibility of printing almost anything with any two ingredients and this will really bring out the creativity from the people.

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