Manta Amphibious Electric Vehicle


There are a lot of designs coming up when it comes to sea travel. If the Ekrano yacht and the Lambo yacht did not appeal to you (very unlikely) then there is a new concept design which will surely water your mouth. This vehicle is called the Manta Amphibious Electric Vehicle and its compact design is what makes it more appealing.

As you may know the amphibious vehicles can be operated on land and water surfaces but it will take a lot for a vehicle to travel on both surfaces with same speed. Manta Amphibious will be perfect for the people who live on the lake or seaside as it will give them the liberty to travel with ease.

Manta Amphibious is a single person vehicle which can be turn into boat when needed and its light weight is what allows it travel so fast. This three wheeler acts as a boat as it rear wheels turned inwards and act as giant fans as soon as it gets into water.  The rear wheels have blade like design and each of them has an electric engine attached to them. Manta Amphibious will give unmatched driving sensation to its owners on both surfaces.

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