Measuring Your Sleep Patterns


A bunch of around thirty experimenters who were suffering from insomnia lately, grouped together in a garage in Somerville, in order to disclose the results of their investigations. A lot of people from this group had been spending March using a device which is known as Zeo. This device is used to measure the sleeping patterns of people and observe the changes that may be taking place in it, depending on several factors such as that of the location, weather and the amount of light present in the room.

Quantified self is the name given to the latest nationwide movement started by a group of people, who believe in monitoring the details of their everyday life themselves, by using all the sensors, analysis tools and trackers that are so commonly available these days. The traditional branch of scientists may not agree to this though, however, the “selfers” seem to be going in depths of investigating how particular physical variables tend to affect their quality of life.

Usually people tend to measure and monitor personal metrics such as that of heart rate, nutrition and physical activity. However, as there are such new gadgets available now, it has become possible to go further in the process of self exploration effectively. Zeo’s sleep monitor costs $199 and comes with a single sensor that has to be worn on one’s forehead so that electrical activity can be monitored. The algorithms present tell whether the individual is awake or sleeping; also informing the type of sleep such as being light, deep or REM (rapid eye movement). One also gets to know the total duration of sleep and the number of times the individual woke up during the whole sleeping time.

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