Microsoft SenseCam- a Camera for Lazy?

If pushing a button, to take pictures, too much work for you then you will have to wait for Microsoft’s SenseCam.  It is a camera, with a fish lens and environmental sensors (such as light and body heat) that takes automatic pictures . You can hang it from your neck and it will start taking pictures. It can be set to take pictures every 30 second or based on the sensors. The sensors, for example, can take pictures every time the light intensity changes.

You might be thinking this is just silly; who wants a camera like this? Yeah sure it would be silly and lame to use a SenseCam to take pictures of mountains, a rivers, etc.  However, the aim of this camera is a little more than just taking pictures.  This device can be used for journals and note taking.

Imagine yourself working on a field project, looking under stones, going from place to place searching for fossils.  Can you really note everything important? If you are like me (ordinary flesh and blood human not an alien) then you can’t, so you would need this device to sense the environment and take the pictures.


In addition to using this as a note taker, this device could potentially be a life saver for people with memory problems. Specifically, this device can help Alzheimer patients. In fact, researchers have performed tests on Alzheimer patients, and according to a report published by dailymail the device has improved memory of patients by 90%.

Also in recent press release by Microsoft, it is indicated that by using Sense Cam “memories are not simply recited by patients by recalling SenseCam images, but actually remembered.” Source

This is outstanding new for people with memory lost problems. Imagine being able to recreate all of the memories that you didn’t know even exist.  90% difference is an outstanding number, and when this future technology gets mature, it can change Alzheimer patient life completely. They can perhaps start feeling normal again.

Here Video of the device in action:

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