Nanoelectronics: New on-off switch discovered

Shrinking electronics have been one of the dreams that we always acted upon.  Year after year we have produced smaller and smaller electronics. As part of this dream we have invented the field of nanoelectronics.

To put it simply, nanoelectronics is a field that uses extremely small technology that is under 100nm. This field has been in constant development, and most recently researchers in Berkley Lab and Columbia University has discovered a new way to create on-off switch for nanoelectronics.


This discovery can potentially have significant affect on the field of nanoelectronics.

Before I start explaining the discovery, let me remind readers that creating on-off switch is the first step for construction of an electric circuit.

So this on-off switch is created by a push and pull phenomena in molecular level.  Scientists have discovered that if a bond between molecules is made at an angle, current flow increases while a vertical bond decreases the current flow. Since they can change the bond angle simply by pushing and pulling the molecule, they can control the presence and absence of current. Hence,  we have a mechanical  on-off switch.

Download the Paper

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