Pico Projectors for Everyone

pico projector

Video projectors are in a huge demand these days and are widely used especially in the education sector. They are heavy and expensive equipments and cannot be moved from one place to another but now German researchers have created a thin and portable version of it. The device is only 6 millimeters thick but contains microlenses and its own LCD. The images obtained from this device are 10 times brighter than the ones obtain from other devices of similar size.

This pico projector is good enough to project movies, pictures, presentations and maps on the surfaces near to it. The image quality is not good in the direct sunlight as the light source is quite weak. The lens that is placed in this device can be placed in any Smartphone of today.

The image quality of a projector can be increased by increasing the area of the light source but the lens used should be powerful and thick enough to cater the larger image. But these researchers in Germany have created a novel type lens that despite being thin, can focus on a large light source.

45 microlenses are used in this prototype device with RGB (red, green, blue) colors and the LCDs of these lenses have 200×200 pixels. The light that passes through these LCDs is focused on the lenses and the image is superimposed and the final image is produced. The design of this device is taken from a microlens array known as ‘fly’s eye condenser’ which is used to mix light from various sources.

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