Presto, a new way to bootup

Have an old saggy laptop that is collecting dust in your garage? It is time to take it out, and install Presto on it. You can use Presto to basically access your files, network, and of course your instant messenger.

Installing Presto will turn your old laptop to an internet access point, so next time your roommate asks if he can use your computer to check his email, you wouldn’t mind pointing him to your old laptop.

The good thing about Presto is that you can just download and install it. You don’t need a DVD/CD to boot it from.
For those of you who can’t wait to install this. Well you have to wait at least until March 16. According to Presto’s website “retail version of Presto will be available as a free Beta download on March 16, 2009.”

Hopefully this product will put pressure on Microsoft to work on the boot time of their OS.
Here watch a demo of the project. I can’t wait to get my hands on this:


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