Preventing Cancer by Vaccination


The purpose of most cancer vaccines is to speed up the patient’s immune system so that it can fight with cancer which has been progressing already. However, OncoPep has come up with a different invention, as it has developed a vaccination which is especially designed to prevent a particular type of cancer from taking place, known as multiple myeloma. Basically, multiple myeloma is a type of cancer related to blood plasma cells and develops when plasma cells in the bone marrow start to multiply and accumulate at an abnormal rate.

This eventually leads to the damaging of bones and other tissues that are present in the body, finally taking over the whole of the immune system. The treatment that is currently available works on extending the lives of people who are suffering from this type of cancer, but a specific cure has not yet been found.

Basically, the company came out with this approach with the help of research carried out by Kenneth Anderson, Jooen Bar and Nikhil Munshi. These researches who have been working at the Dana-Farber Cancer institute situated in Boston have arranged a combination of peptides which are small pieces of proteins, known as being specifically responsible for multiplying myeloma cells, while are essential for their survival.

The basic goal in this case is to train the immune system in such a way that it is able to recognize and attack cancer cells which are bearing peptides. The vaccine should also contain such substances which would be effective in boosting up the immune system.

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