Privacy Protecting Personalization Explored by Microsoft


A lot of websites today have some not-so-good deals going on, such as offering their users personalized services, only if they are willing to share some of their personal information. According to a research which has been carried out by Microsoft, and will soon be presented, it has been suggested that if there is a development of a new Web browser, it would be possible to deal with such issues effectively, as the users would have more say in it then.

A system called RePriv can keep a check on the user’s behavior through a web browser and control the information that is being given away to websites that basically offer such personalized services. For instance, shopping websites get to know instantly about the interests of the user.

In this case, this particular browser will know more about the user’s behavior than any other website does, as mentioned by Ben Livshits who is a researcher at Microsoft and currently involved in this project. He along with his colleagues came to the decision that this browser could be used for a better purpose such as that of tracking user behavior, while also protecting the information which was being collected, as now the users will not have to give as much data as they did earlier to websites.

RePriv tracks the user’s behavior so that a list of his or her interests is identified, along with information related to the level of attention that is being paid to it. The moment when any particular website would ask for personal information, a pop up window would inform the user about the type of information being asked for  and whether the user wants to go ahead with it or not.

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