Putting Geothermal Energy to Work


Much of the heat resides inside our Earth which can be manipulated in a way to extract maximum benefit. The geothermal energy is utilized for many purposes but its production holds some controversies. Naturally when some disturbances take place inside the Earth, heat is generated by the movement in the core. We have been successful in producing that energy artificially by some means. The Enhanced Geothermal Systems provide means of extracting the geothermal energy through proper ways.

Naturally geothermal energy production requires some internal heat, water and certain rocks. But in the systems, they are not required. The systems work by forcing the rocks through injection of a high pressure liquid which makes them crack resulting in heat production. A rock mechanics related professor also mentioned that it is very dangerous because earthquake can occur by the cracking and serious damage can take place when such activities are done near any population.

GTherm has presented a new way to bring about the results. It does not require any cracking, fracturing or water cooling instead it makes use of the heat exchange in solid phase. The firm itself calls it a heat nest. In the well, at the bottom, the heat is diffused quickly with the presence of the conductive material. For the power generation, the liquid flows through the curved tubes to the nest and comes out with the heat and changes the other liquid present into a gas whose energy is transferred to some effective output e.g., electricity generating turbines. The model is complete but not yet brought in use as it is still under testing for commercial use. If it gets approved completely, it would be very beneficial.

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