See the World through Wrap 920AR Goggles

Augmented reality (AR) glasses have been a focus of entertainment industry for the last two decades, but the hardware had been too bulky and the price was out of reach of many. Now Vuzix has produced something lighter and far more affordable and has named it as ‘Wrap 920AR’, a pair of glasses that can transform your text and images into moving objects and you can view them just like anything else in real time.

The image resolution of this hardware from Vuzix is equal to or better than many other devices available in the market but at just $1,995, it can beat any eyewear anytime. The Wrap 920AR is a complete package for gamers and architects and other professionals who need such devices to perform their work.

Two video cameras are fitted into the glasses and displays are connected to them. The wearer experiences different visuals through each eye because the magnetometers and gyro sensors track the direction of the eye of the wearer and form the vision. The software provided by Vuzix can track the patterns of objects as long as they are clearly visible. You can also create your own AR environments through a CD provided with these glasses.

Another important feature is that this device comes with a port that lets the user to connect it to iPhone for portable power. You can load the AR environment from your iPhone as well and can have fun on the go. You can enjoy movies on your 3D television with Wrap 920AR glasses and can connect it to your computer through a VGA port.

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