Sony’s 3G Enabled Camera and Its Significance


Sony is no doubt the leader of the electronics world and its innovative products and technology is what sets it apart from its competitors. Sony is now working its new line of point and shoot cameras with 3G technology. It is an interesting development as most of the Smart phones these days have 3G cameras and they can take high quality pictures and for the convenience, people prefer to carry a single device. But will a Sony’s 3G Enabled camera be successful?

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with this plan of Sony. Most of the cell carriers allow a non phone device to connect to the 3G networks but does it justify the cost? How many people will be sharing pictures right from the camera just to make use of the money they spent.

The 3G radio in iPhone 3GS only costs $13 but if a company like Sony integrates it into a new device then there will be further cost like testing, regulation, and the cloud infrastructure to support the integration. Sony may be trying to do a lot of other things with this 3G integration. The camera will be connected to the Internet wherever the facility is available and could to other devices connected to the Internet. It may also adjust its functionality according to the location.

Sure a Smartphone can do all this but in the world we live today, strange things are happening. You eReader may talk to your table lamp and your toaster may be tweeting too. The life in this era of social media networking is quite complex and due to this the devices like Sony’s 3G enabled camera may very well survive too.

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