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Google glasses and Holoflector, Augment your Reality

Here are couple of things you never heard of Google glasses and Holoflector. These are I would say the first important step towards viable augmented reality future. They are from rival companies Google and Microsoft. Without further ado,:


Google Wallet -Security and Features

It is about time to toss away your credit cards and pay with your phone, and no I am not talking about putting it on your phone bill, that’s just lame (sorry Sweden).  Google Wallet is finally announced. It will give us the ability to use our phones as  virtual carrying cases for the cards. [...]

Is MoNETA the Height of Artificial Intelligence?

Overview The research on Artificial Intelligence has been going on for more than 50 years and it was once thought that machines would outsmart humans. The end results were Robots with human controlled intelligence and never really served the purpose. A supercomputer did beat Kasparov, the world chess champion, in 1997 but it was the [...]

Thoughts to Action Via Computers

Researchers funded by the NIH find a way to interpret brain signals so that subjects can effectively control computer programs. Images are successfully manipulated in software designed to study seizure activity in epileptic patients by certain parts of the brain that control visual cognition.

Touchable Holography

What if we can touch and feel virtual 3D objects? Indeed, a new paradigm will be formed then. A paradigm that will catapult us to the next level of human computer interaction.

Get ready for that paradigm because touchable holograms are here. A research team from University of Tokyo is demonstrating a touchable holograph in siggraph2009.

Psychic Computers with new Interfaces

Think of them as psychic computers, computers that will know what you want to do before you start using it. No I am not talking about wiring up your brain with computers, but simple interfaces that can predict user actions based on sensory patterns. When you hold a remote control for TV, what do you generally [...]

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