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Ultracapacitors Get the Energy Boost

Electric and hybrid technology may be prevailing in automobile industry but the charging of batteries is quite a huge problem. A fully drained out battery can take hours to charge. Ultra-capacitors are an alternative but they cannot hold charge as much as Li-ion batteries can and are not feasible to be used in cars or [...]

Toyota Plans to Stick to its Hybrid Technology

Automotive industry is going through a critical period in this economic downturn and high fuel consumption cars like Hummer are already a part of history. The research has been going on for more than two decades to find an alternative of fuel and now top manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan and GM may have reached a [...]


Solar Panels- One Bus Shelter at a Time

Sometimes it is not the technology that has the potential to change the world, but it rather the idea. One such ideas was recently implemented by engineering researchers at McMaster University.  The idea is to build flexible solar panels that can be mounted on  bus shelters. They have created  solar cells that bends with curved roof [...]

The Power of Kites

When I was a child, flying a kite was my favorite hobby. I can’t really explain the thrill I used to have while flying kites.  I honestly used to fly kites even in my dreams. One thing for sure I never thought kites have a special power. The power to produce energy. By conquering the [...]

Mini Green Cars Stacking up in a City Near You

We have heard of some fabulous ideas, and seen some amazing prototypes of new technologies that if brought to real world, can transform our future, but seldom have we seen them actually coming to real world. The idea of CityCars was one of them. We all wished that it would come to our cities, “today”. [...]

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