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What about Microsoft Surface: Beauty, Elegance, Simplicity, and now Power?

Before I get into talking about Microsoft Surface, let me rant a bit: Little Rant about anti Microsoftism It is really  a shame that Microsoft cannot catch a break from all the complainers. It seems like no matter what Microsoft does, their stuff is just not good enough. I am not a fan of Microsoft [...]

Google glasses and Holoflector, Augment your Reality

Here are couple of things you never heard of Google glasses and Holoflector. These are I would say the first important step towards viable augmented reality future. They are from rival companies Google and Microsoft. Without further ado,:

Crystal Ball: Microsoft in the Clouds with Singularity

“Windows 7 is coming very soon!” “Big deal,  I am tired of Windows! What’s next? ” “Crystal ball what is next?” “Hmm! everything looks cloudy in there!” “Aha! Clouds it is!” Windows 7′s  first RTM will be available on August 6. Although I am looking forward to  it, especially because it fixes some of Vista’s problems, [...]

Microsoft SenseCam- a Camera for Lazy?

If pushing a button, to take pictures, too much work for you then you will have to wait for Microsoft’s SenseCam.  It is a camera, with a fish lens and environmental sensors (such as light and body heat) that takes automatic pictures . You can hang it from your neck and it will start taking [...]

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