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iPhone Broadcasts Your Locations Unintentionally

It came as a shock to a lot of people when they got to know about the privacy implications of news which was gathered by the iPhone. Most people who own an iPhone are not aware that the information regarding their locations gets stored in a file on their computers. They unknowingly are getting involved [...]


The Divide App: The New Android App Splits a Smartphone Into Two Devices

A lot of new iPhone and Android apps have already been seen in the market but this new split Android app is something special as it will give Android Smartphones a whole new look and personality. It will enable the users to use the device as two separate devices at the same time. People will [...]

Word Lens: Translate Text on Your iPhone

iPhone 4 has certainly raised the performance bar, but its unique apps are what makes it an irresistible choice for customers. The latest sensation called ‘Word Lens’ will take iPhone’s popularity a step further. This will now be a perfect gadget for the travelers and tourists. No need for bulky and flimsy   dictionaries and no need [...]

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