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iRobot Sends Four Robots to Japan for Rescue Purposes

The recent earthquake in Japan caused massive destruction and due to the damage of the atomic power plant, US based iRobot has sent 4 robots to Japan to help the rescue teams and to work in the recovery efforts going on at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Radiation levels are high inside and around the [...]


Robots to the Rescue

In the future, robots will be the first to arrive in a disaster site. Today the progress we have made tells us the story of our future. The story will go as following: earthquake happens, first thing that sifts through rubble is an army of mouse robots supported by robotic helicopters. There only mission: find [...]


New Robot that Navigate Like a Person and Interdisciplinary Robotics

If I were to ask you to form a dream team to build a robot that will behaves like a human, how would you form your team?  Would you pick scientists from different fields like : neuroscience, cognitive science, robotics, or would you rather want all your scientists be from robotics field ? Obviously, if [...]

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