Take Pictures Around Corners with a Laser Camera

Laser Camera

Technology always takes another route when things become impossible, such is the story of the latest invention known as the laser camera. It can take pictures around the corners and it will have high importance for military and law enforcement agencies.

The prototype camera built for experimental purpose throws a burst of laser light and illuminates a scene. The image of the surroundings is created with this burst of light and if there is an object around the corner then it will bounce the light back and it will create its image.

The flash light is used in almost all the cameras to illuminate the place but the burst of laser light is a bit more strong and the light continues to travel even around the corners and bounces back after strinking with opaque objects. The stronger the reflected light will be, the clearer will be the image.

You will have to take several shots to be able to interpret the surroundings as every pixel will be translated and every image will tell a different story. The camera works in very controlled environment in the laboratory and cannot coup with complex surroundings as yet.

If satisfactory results are achieved then this camera might feature in surveillance aircrafts to take aerial pictures of enemy barracks and might be helpful in creating maps of dangerous buildings.

The product is of room size at the moment but the team working on this project is confodent that it will develop an endoscope prototype in a couple of years. The portable version of this amazing invention however, will not be available in near future.

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