Taking Charge of Viruses


Virus and Nanotube

It’s time to say good by doc to the energizer bunny. The world is going to be powered by viruses. So if you haven’t heard the marching band yet, listen up: Advancement on batteries are now the thing to watch .

Battery research is exploding everywhere. We recently reported the creation of new instantly rechargeable battery in MIT. Also, we reported creation of magnetic battery, now a viral battery. Intuitively, you would be asking a “viral what?. Yep, researchers have trained a virus to form a battery.

As you recall from the previous article, a battery is a device that produces electrons during a chemical reaction.  Therefore the essentials in creating a battery are, a negatively charged (anode), and positively charged (cathode) ends that allow for electrons to flow.

Three years ago researchers at MIT created the a positively charged end  with a virus by letting the Virus coat itself with cobalt oxide and gold to from a nanowire. Now they were able to produce the negative end by coating themselves with iron phosphate and then forming wire by attaching itself to carbon nanotubes.

After creating both cathode and anode,  the research team was able to produce a battery that was charged and discharged 100.


So finally a virus that is friendly -that won’t infect humans or your computer. Lets see what future holds for batteries. Maybe in the future we won’t need one.

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