Tele immersion: IBM’s New Virtual Meeting App


“I don’t know about you, but I think the way we interact with people over long distances have to change, especially for company meetings . It is indeed a big problem, trying to convey simple points across a phone line. This problem begs for solutions. Hence, we have products like Microsoft’s Live meeting, etc. They have done a good job of combining our computers, but what if we could immerse more from our environments. What if we can meet in virtual rooms that have the same feel as a physical ones.”Tele Immersion – Bringing the World Together Virtuallyvirtual-collaboration-lotus

 Amazingly, IBM recently announced the availability of a service that allows users to create virtual immersive meetings. This new IBM product looks like second life, but with an array of features for meetings. According to IBM it provides three environments:

  • Boardroom
  • Collaboration space
  • Theater

You can use these rooms for specific meeting needs. Like watching presentations, working on a schedule, and taking notes. The best feature of these enviornments is that notes are exportable, so you can email them to anyone you want.

According to IBM”s website, It also has following tools:

  • Brainstorming boards
  • Action item walls and planning tools
  • Presentation, image, and video viewers
  • Virtual flipcharts for note-taking … and much more!

IBM’s service seems to be promising, but to create a completely immersive environment we need to bring more of the real world to the virtual world. Just like Panorama project of UC Berkeley, it needs to actually translate physical events to virtual ones.

 Like dancers who are immersed together, we need a system to immerse the meeting attendees together. Maybe we can include gesture and motion recognition to simulate physical events more accurately. Regardless, it is  good to see big companies like IBM realizing the potential of tele immersion.

Watch introduction of the product from IBM:

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  1. milan zimmermann says:

    Is this based on Open Croquet (orQwaq ?

  2. Lera Ketzler says:

    This is what i’m looking for ty!

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