The CES 2011: New Year New Technologies


The annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is always the centre of attention and all the big names of the industry come up with their latest products and marketing strategies at this event. The CES 2011 was held at Las Vegas where the big guns of the electronic industry gave their plans for the year and the technologies they are developing for the future.

Samsung, Sony, LG and Sharp and other noticeable brands displayed their upcoming lineup of Internet-enabled televisions that will allow users to download the free movies and TV shows from the Internet. Users will also be able to see videos straight form YouTube and through some other premium services like Netflix.

The outlook of these televisions may be same but their features are entirely different. Sony’s Google TV is a good addition but it cannot connect to Hulu and the remote that comes with Sony’s televisions has a full QWERTY keyboard to allow the users to search with ease. LG has remained on the conventional route as its remote only has 6 keys on it. There is a lot of room for improvement in these televisions and an ultimate TV set has yet to come.

Apple’s iPad has set the tone for the manufacturers and there were numerous tablets on display at the CES, 2011. Motorola Xoom and BlackBerry Playbook were the centre of attention as Sony promised to launch its Dash Internet Viewer later in the year, but it remains to be seen that any of these devices give a tough time to the iPad. Sharp Galapagos tablet which is already successful in Japan may make its debut in the United States and may attract consumers as well.

Networking devices will be of importance this year as moving video data relies on them entirely. The Wi-Fi routers from Netgear and Cisco will be in a huge demand to improve the Internet experience on the devices scattered throughout the house. This will enable you to browse videos on your iPhone in  your lawn or the iPad while curled up in your bed with the same speed. Cisco has come up with an interesting plan and wants to take the cloud computing to the next level. A software called Videoscape is in the making which will enable a user watching a video on the TV through the Internet to watch the rest of it on his Smartphone, if he has to go for a walk and it will all be possible with the help of ISP’s and the content providers.

When it comes to the technology then Intel cannot be left behind and it has come up with a rather amusing idea. Its latest generation of processors will have the support for handling and converting videos between different formats.

Television based video conferencing is already taking place with Skype enabled TV’s and a lot of brands will join the league in 2011 as Internet-enabled televisions will be available. 3D movies may lack quality at this time so the leading manufacturers of the 3D televisions, Sony and Panasonic, have come up with their 3D camcorders for the people to shoot their own 3D movies and watch them on their 3D televisions. Nice profit making thinking though!

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