The Divide App: The New Android App Splits a Smartphone Into Two Devices


A lot of new iPhone and Android apps have already been seen in the market but this new split Android app is something special as it will give Android Smartphones a whole new look and personality. It will enable the users to use the device as two separate devices at the same time. People will be able to use the phone to connect to their friends and with a flip they will be able to check their e-mails and protect their data due to heightened security.

This new Android app is called the Divide and finally users will be able to separate their work area from play and will take more fun out of their devices. This is a good news for employees too as companies provide Blackberry to their employees who want to have access to their e-mails as Blackberry is considered securer. But since the launch of the iPhone and its customizing features, people find Blackberry boring as they are not customizable and do not support any apps. It is a common perception that a Smartphone without apps is not a Smartphone.

The Divide app once installed registers to all the e-mail accounts of the user and adapts to the security policy. Users will still have to enter passwords while turning to the working mode within the app or may not retrieve the e-mails while roaming internationally. There are apps within the Divide app but they cannot access the Android system and cannot access the private data of the user like contact lists. If an apps wants to access such information then it will ask the Divide and no data will be sent outside.

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