The Future of The Android Based Tablets


There is a lot of speculation in the air and blogs are filling up with the lack of ‘Androidness’ at the CES 2011 that just came to an end at Las Vegas. Google and Apple both had booths at the large area dedicated only to the tablet computer but the Google’s unfinished OS let most of the visitors down. The success of Google is tied with the thousands of small manufacturers that are developing Android based tablets to give tough time to the iPad.

Though there were Windows based tablets too at the CES and BlackBerry Playbook also got the attention of many but most of the tablet computers coming from the manufacturers are Android based and completely rely on what the search engine giant offers to them. The situation will be even worse for the Android lovers as Apple will most likely launch the more improved and advanced version of the iPad known as the iPad 2. Android 2.2 Froyo is functioning well but Google’s plan was to go into the CES with the 3.0 version but it is still on its way to completion.

Honeycomb is the name given to the version 3.0 like its predecessors were all named after sweets. But will it be sweet enough for the users and the manufacturers? The devices that will carry this version were a mere show piece at the CES as manufacturers were not willing to hand their devices to the press or the CES attendees.

MotorolaXoom caught everybody’s attention as it was the only tablet with Honeycomb and Verizon will launch it in the coming March. It was that much popular among the people that it won the ‘CES Best In Show’ award. MotorolaXoom has amazing capabilities and it is anticipated that it will be better than the iPad until the launch of the iPad 2. Xoom has larger 10.1 inch display screen and it full HD supporting 1080p. Unlike the iPad, it comes with a front and a rear camera and dual core Nvidia graphics processor will make it the ultimate choice of everyone. It will also have the Adobe’s Flash Player for easy browsing of the videos but this software is incompatible with the iPad.

We have not seen a fully functional Xoom yet so it is difficult to say how it will respond when multiple apps are run on it. Google has included a Gmail client into the Honeycomb and Google Chat application will support a video chat as well. Google eBooks feature that is similar to the Apples’ iBooks will make it more fun.

Whatever happens with the Honeycomb version of the Android, consumers are confused about its future as Android has been installed on some of the devices that are not capable of holding it. It is likely that we will not see an ‘iPad killer’ this year and Apple with updated version of the iPad will still capture the market but Androids may outnumber it as there will be hundreds of manufacturers throwing products in the market.

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