The Lambo Yacht: Lamborghini in the Oceans


Lmaborghini sports cars are exotic and renowned for their vicious speed and performance all over the world. But have you imagined such speed and beauty while travelling in the oceans? I am sure you haven’t, and you will be thinking that I am going to talk about the hydrogen powered Ekrano yacht once again and you will have to wait till 2025 to see that but I am not as it is something new. The Lambo Yacht concept was well appreciated and it may hit the seas sooner than Ekrano Yacht.

The spirit of Lmaborghini has been kept alive in this concept design. The Fenice Milano team will work on the interior of this Lambo Yacht. The yacht will be powered by a twin 950hp Seatek diesel engine, a twin 700hp Volvo engine, and a triple 550hp petrol engine by Lamborghini. There will be unlimited customizing options in the interior of this Lambo Yacht.

There will be a full size sofa and sofa bed on the deck. The yacht will also have a bedroom for the owner with attached bathroom and shower. There will be a guest room with separate bathroom and shower. The Lambo Yacht will offer full luxury to the people onboard.

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