The New BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Tussardi


BMW seldom disappoints the car enthusiasts and always ocmes up with unique designs but when its designs or models are not appealing enough then the designers and enthusiasts take matters in their hands and come out with something different. Such a thing happened when BMW teamed up with Tussardi, an Italian fashion house, and the result was BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo Tussardi. It is only available in limited numbers and all the cars have already been spoken for.

Trussardi is celebrating its 100th birthday and BMW wanted to celebrate it in a different way. BMW 5GT is given a new metallic color called “Heraldic brown.” Beige colored leather is used for the interior and you can see Trussardi logos inside.

The interior of the BMW 5GT Tussardi is esthetically appealing and the car gives pleasant drive. It is a driver’s car filled with elegance and style. The all wheel drive system is electronically controlled and distributes the power to all the wheels in an efficient way. The driver will be able to drive the car like a normal GT as the accurate control system will ensure safety in all circumstances.

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