The Year in Computing


Technology is improving everyday and these 12 months changed the way we think and look at the computers. Apple made two ground breaking releases; the iPad and the iPhone 4. Google started the year with a Smartphone of unbelievable capabilities and is going to end the year with a new kind of personal computer. In the later part of the year, we saw a raid of tablet PC’s but is it too late for the manufacturers? Samsung GALAXY may get close to the iPad but Samsung will have to give something extra special. Forums on the Internet are filling up with the gossips that Androids will challenge the iPad or not.

Google launched Chrome OS which relies entirely on the Web. But it will be interesting to see how Google manages to keep the information of the users private. There will be no need to download and install software but will the Chrome OS  save all the information like e-mail passwords and credit card numbers?

Computers change dramatically so there peripherals and accessories had to change as well. Touch technology was improved considerably in 2010 and new type of touch systems were introduced that touch back. A few manufacturers replaced the laptop’s touchpads with track-pad. Microsoft’s gestural control technology was the best among physical interface technologies.

Cloud computing was a hot topic throughout the 2010 and a lot of businesses have started relying on this technology but it has brought problems too. The computer systems have to perform calculations 24 hours a day which means they have to be online whole day long.  A recent research reveled that two computers in cloud computing can become one and can give better performance. The technology is cost effective especially for the small businesses as they can convert their capital expenditure budget to operational expenditure. The service providers, however, are trying to find a mechanism that will let the computers share the information but not leak it.

The concept of personal vacation assistant was the most striking and this device will be groundbreaking once it launches. Can you think of a PVA to assist you where to stay and go for lunch during your vacations? Intel is in the process of developing a GPS like device that will do all that for you. Not only that, the PVA will automatically create a blog once you are done with your trip and will publish the pictures with their description so you do not forget about them for the rest of your life. You will have a blog ready without even moving a finger. Impressive?

IBM was not behind as it tried to develop a computer chip that could run with electricity and natural light. Intel and IBM worked on to remov the limitations of running a computer on light instead of electricity and it may happen in the near future. There was an idea of creating a chip that works on probabilities instead of conventional 1s and 0s. The statistical calculations will be possible if it happens. Research was also carried out to solve the problem of high energy requirement of W-Fi connections. Wi-Fi consumes a lot of power on cell phones and the iPad and drains out battery in a few hours. Intel worked on a new type of desktop computers that will consume 60% less power.

China is making technology advancement but it is a massive country and there are still places that are unwired and people do not have the facility of the Internet and some parts do not even have electricity. The engineers are busy in manufacturing low cost computer systems that can operate on alternate energy.

2011 will bring a lot more surprises and researches of today may become the reality of tomorrow and only beneficiaries will be the users of these technologies.

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