Touchable Holography

What if we can touch and feel virtual 3D objects? Indeed, a new paradigm will be formed then. A paradigm that will catapult us to the next level of human computer interaction.touchable-holography

Get ready for that paradigm because touchable holograms are here. A research team from University of Tokyo is demonstrating a touchable holograph in siggraph2009.

Here is an excerpt that explains the technology:

This project adds tactile feedback to the hovering image in 3D free space. Tactile sensation requires contact with objects, but including a stimulator in the work space dilutes the appearance of holographic images. The Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display solves this problem by producing tactile sensation on a user’s hand without any direct contact and without diluting the quality of the holographic projection. source

This technology is, of course, in very preliminary stages. You might never see this specific technology in real life, but it is a start. It promises us the future that will have some form of this technology – a technology that will allow us to manipulate 3D virtual objects in a physical space.

Watch the video here:

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