Treating Down syndrome Effectively


According to previous research carried out, those drugs that boost the activity of the chemical messenger present in the brain, called norepinephrine, has played an important role in the alleviation of cognitive problems that were faced by mice. However, according to the new findings published in the journal of Science Translational Medicine just recently, a new approach towards treating this disorder has been discussed in great depth.

It has been found that there are various such drugs present that can imitate the effects of this drug or boost up its activity in the brain. However, such drugs have not been yet tested on any patient suffering from Down syndrome. Moreover, the major problems that are faced by people who have Down syndrome and the potential treatment that can be offered to them has also been studied and understood in more detail.

Down syndrome, which is reported to have been affecting approximately 5, 000 infants in the U.S. per year, basically begins due to the duplication of a particular segment present in the 21st chromosome. This disorder leads to an improper functioning of cognitive abilities, eventually leading to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in most cases, by the time the individual reaches middle age. Currently, there are no significant treatment methods available, which would help in bringing about a substantial change in the cognitive abilities of the individuals who have Down syndrome. However, with the help of recent research that has been carried out on animals, a bunch of treatment models which would be of use have been discovered.

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