Using Delicious as a Bookmarking Tool


It has now been officially announced by Yahoo that they are planning on selling their social bookmarking service knows as “Delicious,” to Youtube cofounders. Chad Hurley along with Steve Chen is planning to have it as a part of a startup called AVOS. Delicious was the first one to initiate the user generated content in social media, but during the past recent years it has been fading to some extent. Currently, Chad Hurley and Steve Chan have been reported to have said that they will be there to provide support to delicious for its comeback. However, there will be some share of hard work required to remind people of why social bookmarking should still be done.

To begin with, the launch of Delicious back in 2003 was seen as a revelation. It was based on the personal experience of Joshua Schachter who collected interesting links on a website known as Memepool. Similarly, delicious lets its users to publicly bookmark websites and also add tags which would describe them. The basic function of doing all this was to store relevant information and then successfully retrieve it when necessary. However, later everybody came to realize that the best part about the site was the power that the user had of collecting data while using it.

Even today if you go to Delicious and start searching for a term, you will be provided with a rich storehouse of useful links related to the topic. If you search “Yahoo” a great variety of links would show up about news articles, related information and the company’s services.

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