Virtual View: See What Is Damaged Inside You

virtual view

The trend of leaving the medications and therapies in the middle of some treatment is a common practice among patients. The arguments may end up with an answer that they thought there is no use because they started feeling better and they could go without it now. What is left inside or what may be the condition: better or worse? The patient himself does not know. Working on the same, Microsoft researchers tried to solve the above mentioned conditions.

A device is developed which can help the patients undergoing physical-therapy virtually see their inside injury. Patients do not know their condition and are willing to do their exercises and this results in slow progress in treatment. If the patients are well-aware of their condition, they are thought to fight for their betterment willingly. AnatOnMe has the same objective of bringing awareness. It makes an image on the skin which helps make the patient conscious of what is he is dealing with inside. The bones, muscles, tendons and nerves can be imaged. Also, some nearby surface can be used to observe the image.

Different parts help in the technique to result in the formation of images which are not actual scans. This may be useful in a sense that it is quite simple and lets the patient himself see through his eyes the inside view. This may lead to promote positivity among patients to follow-up their therapies as they can see the progress well with their own eyes. Another aspect may also be a part of it. Many a times when there are no chances of improvement, the direct observation through this device may discourage the patient for the therapies. But the positivity mostly dominates among patients.

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