Will Targeted Cancer Drugs Work Better?


The research on the cancer drugs has gathered some pace and a lot of progress has been made in the recent years but there has always been a concern with the use of these medicines. Besides killing affected cells, cancer treatment drugs destroy the healthy cells and patient takes a long to recover. Targeted cancer drugs that destroy the selective cells were a success on some patients but with the passage of time, the patients stopped responding to those drugs as well.

Scientists are now finding a way to make these drugs suitable for a large number of patients and improve the effectiveness of these drugs. Now scientists are finding a way to offer personalized care to cancer patients. The researchers will try to find specific combinations that suit the individuals and their effective proportions.

Hundreds of drugs are now being made in all possible combinations and the results should improve gradually. But the doctors will first have to analyze the changes in the cellular network of a patient before they opt for targeted cancer drugs.

Mutations in the gene will also play a vital role as patients having it will respond rather quickly to the drugs given to them. But the research carried on 100 patients facing lung cancer did not give satisfactory results. Almost 40% of the patients did not have mutations and were irresponsive to the drugs. Studies also revealed that it is not necessary that the patients having mutations will respond to the targeted cancer drugs.

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