Your Three Wishes For the Genie

What future technology would you like to have today ? If Aladdin’s genie gave you three wishes, what would  be your wishes?

Here is my list:

1. Super brain

Yes, I wan to be able to read and absorb the entire content of internet in light speed. In fact, I want to be the internet. Sounds too far fetched? Well think about this: Kevin Kelly in “The Technium” mention that all of the inter connected computers in our planet can one day start exhibiting intelligence, and will become one system. This is of course fiction, but humor me for a second.

Look at t is paper from Francis Heylighen & Johan Bollen where they describe how to make more intelligent web by thinking human society as a super organism. This idea and ideas like it is bound to make the internet smarter and smarter. Now combine this with the fact that electronic devices are made smaller and more powerful everyday, and it is just a matter of time until will start embedding them into our bodies.

The result of all of this is that one day we will have extremely smart web, and by extension extremely smart humans who have powerful devices embedded in their bodies to acquire and retain knowledge in light speed. This is what I want today!

2. Teleportation

There is not much to say about teleportation. I just need it today. There is been experimental evidence that it is possible, so there isn’t much to speculate here, somebody need to hurry up and give us the machine. If you are interested on how it could work read this.

3. Time Travel

You have heard about all different paradoxes about time travel, most of them relating, to you killing your self. To all of them I say come on, really why think about the theoretical paradoxes. There is only one way to prove time travel works: Experiment on cats (yes I am not a cat person!). Seriously, start with premise that time can go backward, and see what happens. Anyways, my point is I want time travel and it is not going to happen if we indulge our selves in figuring out theoretical constraints only.


4. No Sleep

Finally, I know I had only three wishes, but I will need this too if the genie was generous : what is the point sleep? Sure you need it for your good health, but come on when are we going to take care of that with a magic pill.I look at it this way: all those people who are focused on making their lives longer and longer can instead focus simply on sleep, and once you git rid of it you have almost doubled your life.

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