Sugar problems? Part 2- Stress, Fasting, Fat

In part 1 we discussed my personal formula to handle 80% of my sugar issues, now let’s get it to 20%. (St + Fas + Fa) = 20% Stress The body’s stress response is a massive hormonal release. As result, there is an increase in glucose levels in the blood. However, the body is not […]

Communication in the future – a gentle movement toward augmentation, part 2

In part one we discussed the potential usage of augmentation (smartwatches, and smart glasses). We also argued that further technological augmentation is inevitable. Therefore, our role is to use augmentation for good. In this spirit, we continue our discussion. A curriculum for communication *(why the word curriculum?) Before we attempt to discuss a curriculum let’s […]

The future is always balanced – no turmoil, no despair

Many of us are in despair as we start 2023. I must say, I have been in that group. It is hard to be optimistic when we face political turmoil in every country and when we see thousands of people tortured and killed intentionally, by fellow “humans’ like us. But I find solace in the […]

Sugar problems? Part 1- Measure, Breathe, Exercise, Carbs…and the future

(Disclaimer below is my personal experience, please talk to your doctor before making any changes, period.) It’s the end of 2022, and I have been dealing with blood sugar issues for a few years now. A random test showed my blood sugar to be 260. Since then I have tried everything to control it. But […]

Communication in the future – a gentle movement toward augmentation, part 1

Too much is at stake. We can not afford to misunderstand each other on such a large scale. Political discourse is impossible to have. Religious discussions inevitably end with the threat of violence. Yet we must have political and religious debates in order to survive. So how should we improve?  Enhancing human communication Can we […]